Make your Trade Show Booths Succesfull

The power of trade show displays as an advertising and marketing tool cannot be denied. In these shows, business people gather and showcase their products to their clients and to other businesses. In tradeshows first impressions matter more than anywhere else in business because here the business is judged based on how their setup appears and how the personnel behave.

Very great deals are sealed in these shows and the repercussion of a screw-up can be devastating to a business. The trade show booth that you choose should therefore work to your business’s best interests. Eye-catching designs and great colors are just the first step to participating successfully in trade shows.

Choosing a great setup
Your setup is the first thing that anyone sees when they go past your trade show exhibit. Most setups will comprise of your corporate colours, point of sale displays and even at times digital displays. Make sure that you setup on time. A local company was once invited to a european tradeshow to showcase its speedy courier services. The opening day was to be graced by the country’s dignitary and the company whose motto is ‘Delivering Efficiency’ ended up setting up late. You can imagine the repercussion of the lateness to the company’s brand after such a blooper.

Xpressions_sheer_3x3b Pop Up Trade Show Display

Xpressions_sheer_3x3b Pop Up Trade Show Display


Selecting trade show displays
What you choose to use for trade show displays and the display material should be eye-catching and appropriate. Incase you are using digital display solutions, make sure that you have the correct video. I once attended a trade show in which an internet company had a huge plasma TV in their booth. The setup was perfect with great colour coordination and top notch trade show displays. The moment they turned on their digital display everyone around was shell-shocked. Instead of showing a corporate presentation the video turned out to be adult content. This caused quite an embarrassment for the business.

Proper training of personnel before the show
One of the common mistakes that most companies make in trade shows is sending some of the least prepared personnel to the shows. They might have great trade show displays and trade show booths, but the moment someone asks them an out of the ordinary question, the setup crumbles. None of the employees can provide a consistent answer and the clients leave with a very negative image of the company.

Consistent representation and professionalism
One of the most important aspects of business is consistency. Most companies that participate in trade shows have very beautifully designed trade show displays. They create eye-catching setups but inconsistencies and unprofessional-ism creep in at some point. You find the representatives chatting amongst themselves and ignoring the people who come to their stands. This is the reason why you need to have a responsible manager on location to monitor the activities. It is also important that the representatives sent to the trade shows are very professional.

Have performance targets set for the shows
Trade shows involve a lot of investment in research, participation fees, training, setups and trade show displays. Financially, it is important to have performance targets and measures before attending. Setting benchmarks and measuring the results of the event is the next step. The targets should be realistic such that no unnecessary pressure is placed on the representatives. After the trade shows a review of the results should be done and the lessons learnt from the show should be employed to make future participation better.
As stated earlier, having eye-catching trade show displays is only the first step to ensuring success. Incorporating these ideas into your show will ensure better management and participation in trade shows.

Which Trade Show Booth has the best Swag?!

Trade shows: Can’t live with them…and you could probably live without them. Sure, it is a way to network with similar companies such as your own, and even make a few contacts or two, but does anyone actually look forward to setting up those minimal booths with the over the top trade show displays? If so, congratulations! You just found a way to make an incredibly long and tedious process into something fun and we commend you for it.

Regardless of how you feel about trade shows, they are essential towards building relationships with new clients and potential customers, so they are a necessary evil. They do provide a day or two out of the office, often in nice, sunny areas of the country, so the events do have that going for them, plus all the free swag you can fit into your pockets. After all, you just can’t get enough of those clicky pens that seem to either run out of ink before the first use, or the little clip on the side of the pen breaks off the first time you slide it into your pocket.

tension fabric trade show displays

tension fabric trade show displays

You can always tell the trade show display with the best swag, as it is usually the one with the biggest crowd and longest line. It’s amazing how long business professionals wait in line for a plastic beer mug or bottle opener with a screen printed logo. Are salaries that bad where you not only need to stand in line for a plastic cup, but prepare yourself for the alcohol consumption awaiting you at the end of the trade show?

Either way, trade shows are ever interesting events and, no matter what the event is, you are sure to see some rather interesting, or at least entertaining, individuals and trade show displays. It is always fascinating as to how excited some trade show displays are, with bright yellow colors and flashy red wording, all directing your attention towards the latest technological advancements in mundane objects such as coffee filters or all purpose brooms. There’s only so may advancements some products can take before its just the same old, same old, but at least the product and spokesperson is trying!

Usually these displays have the energetic spokesperson displaying the wonders of the new and improved product, trying to draw in the crowd, while a fresh out-of-college intern is sitting in the back corner with his head down against the side of the display and one eye open in between sleep, just to keep an eye on their spokesmen boss, just in case they turn around in the middle of the act.

Trade shows attract an eclectic bunch of individuals, brought together usually over a similar service or product. And although these shows can become tedious, you never really know who is going to come walking up to the display or check out the products. Most trade show displays hope to bring in that one giant client to make the entire weekend worth wild. After all, you’re missing the big game and the excessive lead paint and industrial piping in the convention center is blocking any sort of mobile signal in the building.

It’s that one sale that can turn the entire trade show into a success. It might come later, after handing out countless laptop covers, or walking around giving business cards to anyone willing to accept it. It’s the one big sale you can bring back to your boss in hopes of impressing for a raise. And just think, should you score the big sale, you’ll probably be sent back to the trade show next year.

Demand Great ROI from your Trade Show Displays!

Are you one of those individuals or businesses that never seem  to be able to recoup your investment from the trade shows that you participate in?  One of the reasons may have to do with the lack of planning for the show. You know what they say about failing to plan..(you’re planning to fail).

Just as you need a well thought out business plan for your business, you should also have a well thought out plan for your trade show marketing as well. You should focus on your trade show displays and banner graphics, your marketing plan, and reeling the customer in.

Portable Trade Show Display Booth

Trade Show Display
Your trade show booth should stand out from the others, and not blend in.  The display stand should be bold, yet professional.  In addition to attracting prospects to your trade show display, another goal you should strive for is to make a memorable first impression. By doing so, memories of your display will be subconsciously embedded into the minds of those who see it.

Marketing Plan
Your marketing plan should cover three time frames, before the show, during the show, and after the show.

Before the show marketing.  Start your trade show marketing campaign well before the date of the trade show.  A few ways that you can accomplish this is via your website, direct mail, email marketing, advertising in an industry magazine or trade show publication focused on that event.

During the show marketing.  Take full advantage of this time by having give-aways, handing out materials about your products or services, and letting the prospects know how your product or service will benefit them. Be sure to collect contact information.  Listen to what the prospects have to say, and not just hear what they say.  (There is a difference between listening and hearing.) Also, make notes specific to each prospect that you talk to, to help in the follow-up.

After the show marketing.  Follow-up is extremely important.  Follow- up with prospects no more than 3-4 days after the show.  You want to allow enough time to pass so that the customer has time to digest the information that you have provided to them, but you don’t want too much time to pass, so that your product or service starts fading in their memory.

Reeling The Prospect In. Get those imaginary fishing rods ready.  Those of you who are familiar with the sport of fishing should be able to relate to this section.  As you need to use the proper bait to catch certain types of fish, you need the appropriate bait or other incentives to entice prospects to visit your trade show display.

A prospect will take a longer look if they like the way your trade show booth or banner graphics look. But, people like FREE.  You need to lure them over to your display stand like you would a fish to a rod.  Dangle something worthwhile in front of them; give them a reason to stop by, even if it is only to get the freebies.  Who knows, once you’ve reeled them in, you might just convert that prospect to a customer, which in turn will help you to recoup some investment. The more prospects that you reel in, the better chance you will have to improve your ROI.

Note that in some cases, it doesn’t matter how well you planned, you may not be able to recoup your investment from a single show. Keep notes – maybe you should evaluate a different show next year. However, with an appealing trade show display, a well thought out marketing plan, and incentives to reel the prospects in, you will markedly improve your chances of success.

First Impressions Count, even with Trade Show Displays

People attending trade shows judge businesses by what they see first, which is their trade show displays – so plan yours carefully in order to give the best first impression possible.

Start by considering what makes your business unique, and highlight that to stand out from the crowd. Your trade show display should attract the interest of those passing by and draw them in for a closer look at what you have to offer.

Magellan Portable Hybrid Trade Show Display

Magellan Portable Hybrid Trade Show Display

Prospective clients are there to learn about your business, so make sure that it’s easy for them to gather clear information. Your trade show displays should make your company name and what you do very obvious. While you want to show prospective clients that you are the best choice, don’t leave them wondering what exactly you’re the best choice of.

The elements of your trade show displays should work together and build up the overall appearance, complementing rather than detracting from each other.

  • When you are looking for a trade show display to purchase for your business, be sure that it will meet all the needs you have in mind.
  • It’s best to not purchase trade show displays based on what’s the lowest price, because, more often than not, you’ll get what you pay for.
  • Trade show displays made from low quality materials will actually cost you more in the long run; poor quality won’t last and will need more repairs and a sooner replacement. You certainly wouldn’t want potential clients to see your display fall to pieces in the middle of a trade show!
  • Keep in mind shipping costs as well, because the heavier and bulkier the package, the more it will cost to ship.
  • Trade show booths should also be easy to set up, not take two days and a consulting engineer to put together.
  • Your exhibit stands should always be kept clean and in good repair, both to give a good impression and also to prevent last-minute stress and hassle.

Don’t forget the most important part of any trade show displays: you! Your brilliant display along with friendly customer service will be sure to keep customers coming back to your business in the future.

Trade Show Displays – Secrets from the Pros

Creating a huge impression at an important industry trade show has to be the goal of each and every firm that spends time and money attending an exhibition. The use of top quality, eye catching exhibition stands is among the most significant elements in creating this result, so let’s take a look at a few of the important issues.Start your preparing early, about 12 weeks usually will leave you a good amount of time to pick your exhibition stands, furnishings as well as other displays that could be needed for an event. Do not forget to promote your presence at the occasion to as large and significant an audience as you possibly can. Use your company’s web site, e-mail contacts, existing consumers and social media sites like twitter to promote your attendance.

Visit the venue prior to your own show; this can help you spot any prospective dead zones exactly where the flow of visitors might be less most likely to pass by way of. Trade off the costs of attending far away events; staff travel costs and display shipping costs could outweigh the rewards of exhibiting.While trade show displays that are vibrant and bold are always popular, they may not always be the most appropriate choice. The first factor to think about is the sort of person you need to attract and what kind of taste you expect them to have. In case you are marketing something classy and tasteful, then possible clients will expect to see that same feeling reflected in your display stand. Satellite trade show display

Do think carefully about what furniture you will need and what will best aid the general functionality of the exhibition stand. Do not take too much exhibition furniture. You need guests for your exhibition stand space to be able to look around your stand and view your goods; a claustrophobic space will put visitors off. Contemplate getting portable trade show furniture. Portable lecterns and display counters are readily accessible and they’ve the great advantage of being infinitely simpler to transport than regular furnishing. Don’t forget that exhibition furnishings can be utilized for advertising as well. Display counters and lecterns should be wrapped with your company’s graphics.

Do choose a fashionable reception counter of an adequate size to greet incoming visitors. Don’t place your promotional materials on a display counter. A literature stand is actually a much much better tool for getting your magazines, leaflets or catalogs into the hands of prospective customers. Use display counters to display your items, but be sure they fit in well together with your theme. You want your display counter to look fashionable on its own, but not to overpower your product. Do not forget to check a display counters size and weight bearing ability. If a product is too heavy or will large for your display counter, then pick a better suited counter

Some companies prefer busy exhibition stands with lots of graphics and items going on, whilst others prefer to preserve it plain and simple. A whole lot depends upon your firm’s image and how you want to be presented. If your brand is well-known then it is also a whole lot simpler to cut back on the frills and let the name jump out at visitors.
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